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Terms and conditions


Our first session will involve an evaluation of the client history and needs to determine a likely treatment plan. The length of psychotherapy depends on various factors including, the presenting difficulty, the style of the client and the preferred working method of the therapist.


Psychologists that are registered under the HPCSA adhere to a strict ethical code of conduct. Confidentiality means the personal information of the client and what is shared with the psychologist verbally or in writing, shall be strictly kept confidential.
Confidentiality will only be broken in the case where the client has given written consent to do so, the client is under the age of 14 and the parents/ legal guardians have given written consent to disclose information, disclosing of information is by court order or the therapist discloses confidential information as this disclosure is in the client’s or public’s best interest.


The client Is responsible to make appointments, which can be done online on the practice website, via email or telephonically.
If an appointment is not cancelled 2 hours in advance, the client will be held liable for the full consultation fee. Appointments can be cancelled telephonically, with WhatsApp/SMS or on the practice website.


Our fees are based on prevailing medical fund rates, or R1120 per hour, and where possible the practice will claim directly from the client’s medical fund. It is important for clients to verify your medical fund status and reimbursement policy for telemedicine. The client remains liable for the outstanding payment on receipt of monthly statement, as well as all legal costs resulting from legal action/debt collection against the client for not settling the account on time. If the account is more than 60 days overdue, the client will be charged interest, at a fair rate, according to the relevant legislature.

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