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I see many clients that are burdened by strong emotions like fear, anxiety, sadness or anger. Sometimes we know the origin of it, and can relate it to a traumatic event, or the way we were brought up, or whatever the case may be. Knowing or understanding that does not seem to help much and the same emotions often surface in a way that we feel we cannot easily control.
In recent years we have learned a lot about how the brain processes and stores emotions. Using this scientific knowledge, we can know intervene and alter those responses much more effectively and rapidly.
In my approach to psychotherapy we will work together to firstly gain an understanding of the dynamics of the problem. Using that as point of departure, I will utilise simple neuroscience-based procedures to assist you to alter your brain responses that trigger those emotions.
Our first session will involve an evaluation of your personal background and needs, to then determine a likely treatment plan. We usually meet for an hour every week until your objectives have been met. The length of psychotherapy depends on various factors including the presenting difficulty, the style of the client and the best working method. In some cases that would take 4 – 8 weeks, but it can also be as brief as one or two sessions.

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